Electric Literature's Auto-Publicist chart

How it works

Here's how it works: you have the sentence, A something something about a something someone's something to something his or her something. For each missing word, find the word in that list corresponding to the first letter of your name, and plug it into the slot in the patented Auto-Publicist Marketing Sentence. Then do the same for the second letter and second list of words, and so on. Voila your elevator pitch is complete! Now all you have to do is write the novel!

You can use the table or the numbered lists below, whichever you prefer.

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Table of words

The table below has 14 columns: seven pairs of two. In each pair, the left-hand column is the letter of the alphabet; the right-hand column is numbered at the top and has the corresponding words. The table has hyperlinks so you can jump back up to auto-publicist marketing sentence at the bottom of each column, and to your choice of column from the auto-publicist marketing sentence.

Auto-Publicist Marketing Sentence

A/an 1 2 about a/an 3 4 5 to 6 his/her/their 7.

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Auto-Publicist chart
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
A edge-of-your-seat A thriller A depressed A man's A adventure A re-awaken A fear of spiders
B keenly observed B meditation B wealthy B orphan's B commitment B come to grips with B adoption
C lyrical C coming of age story C doomed C daughter's C desire C grapple with C traumatic childhood
D profound D family drama D exuberant D mother's D devotion D understand D mother's death
E erotic E war epic E agoraphobic E adolescent's E dream E explore E sexless marriage
F inspiring F epistolary novel F maladjusted F soldier's F effort F accept F Oedipal complex
G razor-sharp G romance G misanthropic G student's G strategy G overcome G feminism
H heart-rending H tragedy H alcoholic H widow's H pains H avenge H religious upbringing
I dream-like I story I young I woman's I failure I pursue I political apathy
J darkly comic J tour de force J philosophical J professor's J inability J defend J biological clock
K uncompromising K comedy K hopelessly romantic K divorcee's K journey K undertake K ugly divorce
L courageous L noir L hyper-sexual L adventurer's L mission L discover L writer's block
M compulsively readable M instant classic M precocious M extended family's M not-so-secret desire M contemplate M toxic friendships
N unflinching N fairy tale N unlucky N child's N quest N transcend N eating disorder
O fiercely honest O autobiographical novel O quixotic O mistress's O endeavour O withdraw from O own birth
P richly drawn P romp P desperate P dictator's P secret longing P avoid P cancer
Q unforgettable Q fictional memoir Q refugee Q vampire's Q struggle Q betray Q 23andMe results
R riveting R trilogy R dissatisfied R ghost's R vacation R circumvent R privilege
S high-voltage S detective novel S bored S starship captain's S wish S confront S untimely death
T psycho-sexual T page-turner T morally compromised T doctor's T expedition T expose T social media addiction
U riotously funny U tragicomedy U lovesick U writer's U plan U give up U spiritual evolution
V passionate V murder mystery V drug-addled V private investigator's V scheme V investigate V secret second family
W surreal W novel in stories W jilted W couple's W resolve W navigate W sexual awakening
X dystopian X historical novel X vengeful X coven's X project X reconnect with X Amazon reviews
Y hysterical Y graphic novel Y overbearing Y murder detective's Y promise Y embrace Y father's murder
Z meditative Z saga Z closeted Z octogenarian's Z battle Z reconcile to Z disinheritance
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List of words

There are seven lists below, numbered with letters of the alphabet. Each list has a link at the end so you can jump back to the auto-publicist marketing sentence. Below the auto-publicist marketing sentence are links to jump to each list.

Auto-Publicist Marketing Sentence

A/an 1 2 about a/an 3 4 5 to 6 his/her/their 7.

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List 1

  1. edge-of-your-seat
  2. keenly observed
  3. lyrical
  4. profound
  5. erotic
  6. inspiring
  7. razor-sharp
  8. heart-rending
  9. dream-like
  10. darkly comic
  11. uncompromising
  12. courageous
  13. compulsively readable
  14. unflinching
  15. fiercely honest
  16. richly drawn
  17. unforgettable
  18. riveting
  19. high-voltage
  20. psycho-sexual
  21. riotously funny
  22. passionate
  23. surreal
  24. dystopian
  25. hysterical
  26. meditative

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List 2

  1. thriller
  2. meditation
  3. coming of age story
  4. family drama
  5. war epic
  6. epistolary novel
  7. romance
  8. tragedy
  9. story
  10. tour de force
  11. comedy
  12. noir
  13. instant classic
  14. fairy tale
  15. autobiographical novel
  16. romp
  17. fictional memoir
  18. trilogy
  19. detective novel
  20. page-turner
  21. tragicomedy
  22. murder mystery
  23. novel in stories
  24. historical novel
  25. graphic novel
  26. saga

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List 3

  1. depressed
  2. wealthy
  3. doomed
  4. exuberant
  5. agoraphobic
  6. maladjusted
  7. misanthropic
  8. alcoholic
  9. young
  10. philosophical
  11. hopelessly romantic
  12. hyper-sexual
  13. precocious
  14. unlucky
  15. quixotic
  16. desperate
  17. refugee
  18. dissatisfied
  19. bored
  20. morally compromised
  21. lovesick
  22. drug-addled
  23. jilted
  24. vengeful
  25. overbearing
  26. closeted

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List 4

  1. man's
  2. orphan's
  3. daughter's
  4. mother's
  5. adolescent's
  6. soldier's
  7. student's
  8. widow's
  9. woman's
  10. professor's
  11. divorcee's
  12. adventurer's
  13. extended family's
  14. child's
  15. mistress's
  16. dictator's
  17. vampire's
  18. ghost's
  19. starship captain's
  20. doctor's
  21. writer's
  22. private investigator's
  23. couple's
  24. coven's
  25. murder detective's
  26. octogenarian's

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List 5

  1. adventure
  2. commitment
  3. desire
  4. devotion
  5. dream
  6. effort
  7. strategy
  8. pains
  9. failure
  10. inability
  11. journey
  12. mission
  13. not-so-secret desire
  14. quest
  15. endeavour
  16. secret longing
  17. struggle
  18. vacation
  19. wish
  20. expedition
  21. plan
  22. scheme
  23. resolve
  24. project
  25. promise
  26. battle

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List 6

  1. re-awaken
  2. come to grips with
  3. grapple with
  4. understand
  5. explore
  6. accept
  7. overcome
  8. avenge
  9. pursue
  10. defend
  11. undertake
  12. discover
  13. contemplate
  14. transcend
  15. withdraw from
  16. avoid
  17. betray
  18. circumvent
  19. confront
  20. expose
  21. give up
  22. investigate
  23. navigate
  24. reconnect with
  25. embrace
  26. reconcile to

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List 7

  1. fear of spiders
  2. adoption
  3. traumatic childhood
  4. mother's death
  5. sexless marriage
  6. Oedipal complex
  7. feminism
  8. religious upbringing
  9. political apathy
  10. biological clock
  11. ugly divorce
  12. writer's block
  13. toxic friendships
  14. eating disorder
  15. own birth
  16. cancer
  17. 23andMe results
  18. privilege
  19. untimely death
  20. social media addiction
  21. spiritual evolution
  22. secret second family
  23. sexual awakening
  24. Amazon reviews
  25. father's murder
  26. disinheritance

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Credits: This chart was created by Electric Literature. It is replicated here only to make a VI-accessible version available.

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