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Summer of Writing: Saturday workshops

Full-day creative writing workshops in July and August


Summer Saturdays, 10am – 4pm
29 July
5 August
12 August
19 August
26 August


Upper Wolvercote (North Oxford). There's free parking, a great bus route (#6), and beautiful canal-side walking routes.


The workshops start at £65 each; the more you book, the less you pay per workshop.

1 workshop £65 each
2 workshops £60 each
3+ workshops £55 each

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Each summer, I run full-day Saturday workshops. You get to choose which topics you'd like me to run, then I put up the favourites for you to book. Vote below by ticking the workshops you'd like me to run.

You can also read more detail on each workshop and my Tips for a Summer of Writing and scroll down for more info on What it's like and some photos from recent workshops.

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What's a Summer of Writing?

You book a selection of workshops to inspire and develop your writing, and some time off for writing. It's the perfect time of year for writing in parks, gardens, pub gardens, and meadows - treat yourself and make it fun. If you can, I suggest you block off a full weekend for each workshop, so you can use the Sunday to write. If you can book a week or two off work, just for writing, all the better!

The full-day writing workshops are filled with creative, practical exercises. Each workshop can stand alone; the workshops together also create a natural flow-through. All the workshops are multi-level – suitable for both beginners and experienced writers – and for most of the workshops you have the option to create new ideas or to develop a work in progress.

What the workshops are like

Each workshops runs with 4-8 people at my home in Upper Wolvercote. Some people have been writing for a long time; others are relatively new to it, are returning to an old love, or have decided they want to pursue it more. Small classes mean I can give more attention to everyone and help create a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

My teaching style is based around discussion, activities, and games designed to introduce the various ideas and principles, and allow you to try everything out. You'll do some activities on your own and others in pairs or small groups, depending on what's appropriate. I never put anyone on the spot and you don't have to read any of your writing aloud to the group. In some workshops, you do have the opportunity to share your writing, but I make sure this is optional or in small groups, and am sensitive to people's comfort levels.

We have a break mid-morning and mid-afternoon, for tea or coffee and biscuits, which I provide. We take an hour's break for lunch (usually 12:30-1:30) which we eat in the conservatory or the garden, weather depending. I suggest people bring a packed lunch; there's also a Londis and M&S garage nearby. I provide plates, cutlery, and napkins, as needed. You're welcome to bring something that needs heating, but do note that I don't have a microwave!

Because the workshop time is very active and hands-on, there isn't much time to take notes, so at the end of each workshop I give you a little booklet covering everything we've done, including the writing prompts. You'll also take home the assorted handouts you've used, as well as your own writing of course.

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Start of the Magical Realism workshop The start of the Magical Realism workshop, with the workshop outline and the books to explore laid out, looking through the kitchen to the conservatory and garden beyond.
Creativity writing workshop A creativity workshop in full swing, with all the felt-tips out, exploring Tom Phillips style creations
Plotting writing workshop A plotting workshop, playing Plot Layering Snakes and Ladders, with prompt cards - and of course, grapes!
Handouts for the Magical Realism workshop Handouts for the Magical Realism workshop - the Ideas Menu, the handouts for different sessions in jars with their instructions tied on, and the booklet with all the multicoloured handouts.
Decor for the Magical Realism workshop Wild decor for the Magical Realism workshop - partly to set the mood and partly because people always look around a room for ideas, and magical realism needs lots of ideas, so I filled every available surface with unexpected stuff.

If you want more detail about what the classes are like, you can also read student reviews of the courses and workshops and read more about my teaching style

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read about the possible workshops in detail and my tips for a Summer of Writing

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