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Thanks for your votes!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted. The new course running this Oct – Nov will be Writing in Style! Commiserations to those who voted for The Fabulous – I will likely create that one too, but only in two years' time as creating new courses is very time-intensive!

The course will run on Wednesdays 7 Oct – 25 Nov 2020 and Thursdays 8 Oct – 26 Nov 2020. Bookings are OPEN: email me for a booking form and let me know if you prefer Wednesdays or Thursdays. The course description is below and I'll add more details as the course develops. And thanks again!

Writing in Style: Course description

Developing your own writing styles is partly about finding the freedom to be you on the page, instead of copying how you think books should sound, and partly about exploring all the possibilities and going on new adventures of language. Your writing styles are always plural: your own voice changes and grows continuously, just as you do, and shifts like a ventriloquist with different genres, stories, and characters.

This 8-week course will look at a wide array of writing styles and stylistic choices. We値l try out styles that are rich, sparing, chatty, formal, and transparent. We値l look at character voice versus authorial voice, and play with distinctive narrative voices. We値l explore the effects of tense choice, first or third person, and a range of aesthetic devices. We値l delve into description, so the reader can live in your world, whatever style you池e using. Finally, we値l look at editing, the ultimate guarantor of freedom. Knowing you値l edit later gives you the freedom to experiment earlier. We値l look at how to balance the received wisdom with the effect you池e going for, practical strategies, and drawing up your own principles for a particular piece. This course includes written feedback on two pieces of writing (up to 2000 words) and two after-class socials at the local pub.

Email me for a booking form and let me know if you prefer Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Writing in Style


Wednesdays 7pm–9:30pm
7 Oct – 25 Nov 2020
Thursdays 7pm–9:30pm
8 Oct – 26 Nov 2020


Upper Wolvercote (North Oxford). There's free parking, a great bus route (#6), and beautiful canal-side walking routes.


」275 total for 8 weeks, payable in instalments with a 」75 deposit

To book

Email me for a booking form and let me know whether you'd prefer the Wednesday or Thursday evenings.

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